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Become an Ambassador for Christ

It’s a good opportunity to get to know who we are beyond the weekend Eucharist –
which is where the Mass sends us out into the community to make a difference;
“Go in peace, glorify the Lord by your life”.
Every week we respond by saying, “Thanks be to God”.
So, how thankful are we, really?
We are blessed, many people take part in our groups and ministries at Saint Charles,
yet many others pass by and do not get involved. Perhaps they have other things to do; perhaps they are unsure of how to take part.  Think of this, dear friends:
We became involved the day we were baptized.
On that day we were initiated into a way of life in Christ.
Being a baptized Christian means we’re in this
– the only question is HOW.
If you are merely seeing yourself as a volunteer in the parish, you are not seeing yourself
as Christ sees you.  Christ sees us as ambassadors, His representatives
– chosen by Him, called by name, and sent to do the tasks
He is asking us to do in His name.
How can we say “no” to Christ, who has given so much?
“We each must do our part, and give as long as we are able
– while we have something to give.”

-Albert Loden
As Catholics you are part of this parish community and the larger world-wide Catholic community.
As such, it is important to find a place to serve and become involved in parish life.
We have a beautiful community here at Saint Charles, and
you are an integral part of it.
We need a community of believers, who are living our Baptismal call,
to serve as Christ served.

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