We are pleased to announce that Retrouvaille will be taking place in our Parish.

The goal is to support those who are struggling in their marriages.

Retrouvaille is a program for married couples that feel bored, frustrated, or angry in their marriage. Some experience coldness and simply shut down. Others experience conflict and arguments in their relationship. Most don’t know how to change the situation or even communicate with their spouse about it. This program has helped tens of thousands of couples experiencing marital difficulty at all levels. For confidential information or to register for the program please email: or call Retrouvaille Edmonton at 587-598-4357.

This is a program that helps couples restore their marriage and rebuild a loving relationship.

  • A Christian marriage program, Catholic in origin, where couples of all faiths or no faith background are encouraged to attend.
  • Primarily a practical program to improve communication, build stronger marriages, and help couples reconnect.
  • Presenters are not trained marriage counselors; they are couples sharing their personal stories of marital struggles and the tools they used to rediscover their love.