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Confirmation, also known as Chrismation, is one of the three sacraments of initiation along with Baptism and First Eucharist.

The Effects of the Sacrament of Confirmation:
The Sacrament of Confirmation confers special graces of the Holy Spirit upon the person being confirmed, just as such graces were granted to the Apostles on Pentecost. Like Baptism, therefore, it can only be performed once, and Confirmation increases and deepens all of the graces granted at Baptism.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church lists five effects of Confirmation:

  • it unites us more firmly to Christ;
  • it increases the gifts of the Holy Spirit in us;
  • it renders our bond with the Church more perfect;
  • it gives us a special strength of the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith by word and action as true witnesses of Christ, to confess the name of Christ boldly, and never to be ashamed of the Cross.

The sacrament of Confirmation explained.  Click here.

What do I need to register my child?

  • Your child’s Baptism certificate
  • Your child’s Eucharist certificate
  • $30 fee
  • A sponsor for your child (Parish and Certificate of Confirmation)

 The requirements for a sponsor are:   

    • Over 16 years of age
    • Cannot be the parent or legal guardian
    • Actively practicing, mass-attending Catholic who has been Baptised and Confirmed, and who has received Eucharist
    • Willing to journey with you and your child, and able to attend sessions and celebrations

Engaging in the Community.  Apprenticeship in Ministry.
Your child will be joining this parish community and the larger world-wide Catholic community once they are confirmed into the Catholic Church.  As such, it is important to find a place to serve and become involved in parish and community life.  As part of their preparation, your child will be asked to complete (6) sessions of community/parish involvement. Examples within the parish include: Altar Serving, Choir, Ushering, Greeting, Doughnut Ministry, Multimedia Ministry, Children’s Liturgy. They can also participate outside of the parish in places such as senior’s homes, schools, etc. The requirement is that this is something new for your child, and not something they are already participating in. Some of these ministries may require you to serve with them as an adult.

Registration dates for Confirmation 2020:

  • Thursday, March 5, 2020: 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday, March 7, 2020: 9am – 12noon

Confirmation Classes:  Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8pm.

  • April 21st
  • May 5th
  • May 19th
  • June 2nd
  • June 9th – Rehearsal
  • June 11th – Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation @ 6:30pm

2020 Registration Form
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