Letter from Fr. Marc re: Mass

To Parishioners of St. Charles,

After this Long Lent of 2020, I come to you all with great news that we will be resuming the celebration of Mass!! Please understand that this is not a complete return to the way it was before the Pandemic. Hopefully that will come soon, but for now we are slowly reopening so that we can joyfully and safely celebrate the Mass and receive communion.

The Archbishop is still dispensing us from our Sunday Obligation,  which means the Obligation to attend mass on Sunday. We should find ways to continue to keep the Lord’s Day Holy. Some suggestions I would make are: attending the St. Charles Livestream mass on Sundays at 11am and/or read the Word of God, and/ or pray the Rosary as a Family and/or some other pious activity. The Lord Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday, so when we come together, even in a small way to honor that, we honor His day, the Lord’s Day.

This also means, that if you are older, have compromised health, or you are just not ready to come to mass, you do not need nor should feel obligated to come at this time. You are welcome to come but you need to decide for yourself. Please remember that you come at your own risk and you should do what you need to be safe and healthy. Know that we are abiding by high standards to keep our church and masses safe and sanitized.

So with that in mind, we will only have 50 people maximum that will be allowed to be at a Mass at any one time. This means that in order to provide an opportunity to provide mass for the greatest number of people we have scheduled multiple daily mass times and extra weekend mass times. (Please note: these mass times will change over time to meet the needs of our parishioners. Please watch the parish website for the most current mass times). This means we cannot just show up for mass. In order to be fair to everyone and keep it orderly, we are asking everyone to call or email the parish to book a mass time for you and your family. Please be patient and we will find a time for you and your family to attend mass.

Also how we arrive and do mass will be a little different than what you may be used to. We ask everyone to bring their own masks. You do not have to wear them all the time if you physically distance, but you will have to wear them when you receive communion. We ask everyone to arrive early because the Church doors will only be open half an hour before mass and will be locked when mass begins. That way we do not accidently go over our 50 person limit.

When you enter the Church you will be asked some medical screening questions. Are you sick? Have you traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days? Basically, if you are sick please do not come until you are better. Call and we will rebook you at another mass. This whole effort is to keep everyone healthy both physically and spiritually. We are working hard to make sure our Church is sanitized after every mass and we have sanitizing stations all throughout the Church.

We look forward to having you back and may the Lord bless you all with a hunger for our Eucharistic Lord and may He truly fill you as you receive Him again at mass.

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