Pastor: Fr. Marc Cramer (marc.cramer@caedm.ca)

Deacons: Joseph Leuwer, Bong Estoque

Parish Secretary: Pat Palichuk  (pat.palichuk@caedm.ca)

Pastoral Associate: Linda Boire  (linda.boire@caedm.ca)

Receptionist: Hilda Daubner  (hilda.daubner@caedm.ca)

Music Coordinator: Karen deWee (karen.dewee@caedm.ca)

Our parish began as an Oblate parish. If you would like more information about the Oblates’ spirituality, ministry, or about how to become an Oblate, see oblatevocations.ca

About Our Patron: St. Charles Borromeo

Saint Charles Borromeo (Italian: Carlo Borromeo, Latinized as Carolus Borromeus) (2 October 1538 – 3 November 1584) was a saint and cardinal. He worked during the period of the Counter-Reformation and was responsible for significant reforms in the Catholic Church, including the founding of seminaries for the education of priests. He was the nephew of Pope Pius IV. Along with Anselm of Lucca, he was one of only two cardinal-nephews to have been canonized. He was a:

  • Businessman and diplomat
  • Civil and church lawyer
  • Church reformer
  • Patron of learning and the arts
  • Friend of the poor, the sick and the suffering

Our Parish Schools

Bishop Greschuk (K-6)
Principal: Karen Craig / 780-472-2937

Bishop Savaryn (1-6 English, K-6 French Immersion)
Principal: Azza Ghali / 780-456-7837

St. Charles (K-6)
Principal: Marcel Evaristo / 780-456-5222

St. Lucy (K-6)
Principal: Silvia Franzese / 780-456-0053