OMEGA Prayer Group (The Finisher of Our Faith)

Revelation 22:13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End! Happy are they who wash their robes as to have free access to the tree of life and enter the city through it’s gates.”

  • The members of the last Alpha group decided that they wanted to continue meeting on a regular basis to continue their growth in faith and community., They’ve decided to name this weekly prayer group OMEGA which means he end or finisher of our Faith.
  • Omega Prayer Group is on Thursday evenings at 7:00PM when we attend evening mass followed by a Prayer Meeting to 9:00PM.
  • The Prayer Meeting consists of:
    • Praise and worship music
    • Quiet reflection time
    • Scripture reading
    • Sharing of thoughts, reflections or scripture. (Share what God is doing in your life)
    • Worship song to get back in tune with the Spirit
    • Prayer intentions
    • Closing song
  • Every first Thursday we will make the evening available for individual prayer and healing. We will intercede together asking God to intervene and break strongholds – set people free – to heal the sick and broken-hearted, bring peace and fellowship to the lonely and depressed, and reach out to the needy.